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Campanilla en Inglés

Gracias a los amigos Rafa y Mercedes tenemos ya nuestro texto de Campanilla en Inglés:

It is a musical for children and families, created and performed by artists from Extremadura with solid didactic foundations, which aims to encourage reading and achieve some key objectives and values at the end of the show. It is an original story created by Rosario Abelaira, based on a wonderful fairy who all children have known and loved for many years. There are characters who sometimes win the affection, friendship and confidence of a demanding and sincere audience as children. The fame of some characters endure over time as it is the case of our bright, lively and young fairy Bell who will take us to those wonderful stories, legends and songs that have grabbed children´s attention for generations since the second half of the twentieth century. And not only children, but most adults have also felt attracted to them, which means that we can not reject productions that have brought fame to songs, real hits that all children sing and that we use as resources to promote reading and instil fundamental values in them.

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